The Best Place for a Wedding cake

​​We are filling up fast for the 2018 wedding season ! 

Cakelady Creations

Maison La Belle Vie Winery

Palisade, Colorado.

Photography by  Julia Odom

..... And booking into  2019! We don't  want you to miss out!!

Filling up quickly for 2018 season

​​We believe baking is an art and our cakes are our masterpieces.

We love the creativity, challenge and joy that decorating cakes for special events brings to our lives. We are here to make your special day and event the very best it can be!


Margo has decorated cakes for over 30 years, both professionally and at home for family.

Gary is our baker, he is very professional and precise on his baking.


Our cakes, fillings and icings are baked fresh using the finest and freshest ingredients.


We are part of the Colorado Food Cottage Industry. This means we work out of our home. We have complied with all regulations through the state as required by the cottage food law.